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Your Home is Flooded...

What do you do next? 

1. STOP the source of the water. Call a plumber if you cannot shut the main water line to your home off.


 2. Call us at 501-223-9466. We are available to answer the phone 24 hours per day. The longer the water is present, the more likely you will have lasting damage to your property. 

3. If possible, start removing your possessions from the water while you wait on our tech to arrive. He should arrive within the hour, in most circumstances. 

4. When our tech arrives he will assess the size and scope of the damage. He will then advise whether or not you will need to call your homeowners insurance company. If the water damage is small, you may elect to pay the entire amount out-of-pocket. If it is larger or caused by unclean water, you may need to utilize your policy. If so, we will work directly with your insurance company to help you get paid faster. 

5. Let us take care of removing the water, sanitizing the structure, drying the structure and returning your life to normal. 

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